The NADD Leadership Team responsible for organizing the 2018 National Diaconate Congress is comprised of the NADD Executive Committee, Board of Directors, and a dedicated 2018 Planning Committee. Please contact NADD with questions about 2018 Congress plans:

National Association of Diaconate Directors
7625 North High Street
Columbus, OH 43235


NADD Leadership

Executive Committee:
Deacon Raphael Duplechain, Chair
Deacon Chris Ast, Vice Chair
Deacon Andrew Saunders, Secretary-Treasurer
Deacon Thomas Dubois, Executive Director

Board of Directors:
Deacon Frank Berning, Region I
Deacon Gregory Cross, Region II
Deacon Leo McBlain, Region III
Deacon Desider Vikor, Region IV
Very Rev. Dan O’Connor, Region V
Deacon James Caruso, Region VI
Deacon John Freund, Region VII
Deacon Mark Kober, Region VIII
Deacon Ray Purvis, Region IX
Deacon Juan Cavazos, Region X
Deacon John Coughlin, Region XI
Deacon John Sicilia, Region XII
Deacon Louis Roman, Region XIII
Deacon Dennis Dorner, Region XIV

2018 Planning Committee:
Deacon David Montgomery, Chair
Deacon Raphael Duplechain
Deacon John Sicilia
Deacon Blaine Westlake
Deacon Michael Berstene
Deacon Gerald DuPont
Deacon David Lopez
Deacon Justin Green
Deacon Thomas Dubois